Thank you - and see you at MSSM 2017!

The conference office would like to thank you for your participation and inolvement at this year's MSSM.


As always, the spirits were high and the vibes were wavey. We hope that you found the presentations interesting and can use them in your everyday life on boards ship and in the shipping companies. We would appreciate if you could spend just a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire sent to you via mail. It is important for us that we know what we did good and what we need to do better in order to improve the conference.


If you are keen to be updated on the latest knowledge in the field of maritime safety, health and environment, you can already now mark your calendar for next year's conference. MSSM 2017 will take place on 24 to 25 August 2017 with the Get2gether event on 23 August 2017.


Remember to keep an eye on as we will upload pictures and presentations from the conference at Nyborg Strand.


MSSM: All about the people

Employees both on- and off shore are the most valuable resource that the maritime organizations in the Blue Denmark have. The employee is the key to health, safety and wellbeing in the Danish merchant fleet. During a period of squeezed budgets and economic uncertainty in the maritime industry, this year’s MSSM conference focusses on the human being.


How do we make sure that the individual human and the human resources have the best possible preconditions? How do we support the people working in the maritime sector in the best possible way, in order to get them to perform their best? How can we create wellbeing and value for the individual, the organization and the industry?


Challenges in the maritime sector, whether it is regarding health, safety, technical issues or economic priorities, must be addressed with our most important resource as the focal point, the human being.


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