About the maritime conference MSSM

MSSM is an annual conference where maritime companies, authorities and organisations meet to gain new knowledge on safety, health and the environment. At MSSM, the Blue Denmark can experience short lectures, workshops and presentations. The conference is a good opportunity to meet colleagues across organisations and expand your network in the industry. 


The aim of the conference is to bring together everyone in the Danish shipping industry. Ship owners, regulatory authorities, researchers, companies and maritime training schools – engaged in occupational health and safety, well-being, collaboration, leadership and the environment in the office onshore and at sea.


You can find plenty of inspiration - fx at the conference trade exhibition. This is the place for The Blue Denmark to show some of the results to ensure that the industry can maintain its high safety and a good working environment in the future.


At MSSM, a number of suppliers and manufacturers exhibit maritime equipment and products for the seafarers. At the exhibition, there will be time to get a good chat and get information about equipment and products.


Just as MSSM was part of a strategy of Denmark being the leading shipping nation in Europe, we now regard MSSM as part of the Danish government's growth plan for the Danish maritime industry, in which MSSM’s objectives coincide with the overall strategy and trends in the industry.



Conference Coordinator

Dyveke Nielsen


+45 3140 5713


Conference Coordinator

Kirsten Weede


+45 4166 6748